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Hiking Pestera

An unforgettable trip in the heart of nature : Hiking Pestera

If you want to discover a region still completely untouched by technology, we have something for you. Our Hiking Pestera tour is for all age groups. Peștera is a village in the heart of Romania, located at a certain altitude. The location offers an incredible landscape, being surrounded by mountains and nature. Its houses are scattered on the hills, and many of the locals live here in a quiet way, as they did decades ago.

Is Hiking Peștera for me?

No matter what your age, this hike is for you. When we talk about hiking, we mean low difficulty. Even children can hike it. So you don’t have to be an avid mountaineer to take a pleasant hike on the Peștera trails. Moreover, if you feel adventurous, you can enter the Bat Cave, after which the village was named. The cave is home to multiple species of bats. For this, you will need to bring a headlamp with you. A visit to the Bat Cave is optional.

Hiking PesteraWhat else can I see in the village?

It depends very much on when you arrive ti Hiking Pestera. For example, in early autumn, the whole village is almost full of mushrooms. If you like, we can organise a mushroom picking trip together. In summer it is quite pleasant, we can walk on special hiking trails and admire nature and animals. The children will have a good time here too. Nothing compares to the beauty of nature. If you choose to come during wintertime, the white coat laid on the mountains and hills will definitely charm you.

How is the local food?

One word: delicious. Although there aren’t many places to eat, the few that are open await their guests. You’ll be able to enjoy naturally cooked food. These are mostly grown or bought locally. The recipes used are also inspired by Romanian tradition. Many people call the village of Peștera a „Corner of Heaven”. This is also our opinion. So don’t hesitate: book now the „Hiking Peștera” trip. You can come alone or with your own private group. Our guides are fluent in English, and will answer any questions you may have.

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